Current Level: 4

High Strength with a negative Charisma. 49HP, 12 Surges/day, 23AC(plate with shield, Fort(19)Ref(15)Will(15), Speed 5, Passive insight 14, Passive Perception 14
Attack: 11
Weapon: Magic Waraxe +2
Armor: Plate Armor of Dwarven Vigor +1, Heavy Shield +2
Magic Items: Cloak of the Walking Wounded

Exploits: Resolute Shield, Tide of Iron, Shield Bash, Immediate Vengeance, Comeback Strike, Inspiring Word.



Is a Dwarven Defender coming from East Rift. He has found a pair of friends to journey with and attempts to keep them out of harm during any conflict.

Sometimes he is outspoken against what the party is action but always goes along for the better of the group.

He keeps his past private even from his traveling party and doesn’t talk about the scar across his face.


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