Aulder Graystone

A questing drarven invoker of the sun god.


Aulder Graystone, as a young dwarf in the East Rift received a blinding vision. Exploring the deep tunnels of the Rift, he was overwhelmed by a deep communinion with Amanatur the god of the sun and received a knowing of a clockwork sundial, mysterious and lost.

With his new bond to the sun god, life underground became unbearable and he had to live in the light. He traveled to the independent cities of Luruar and buried himself in scholarly studies, seeking clues as to the sundial, but found none.

After many years of dead-end research, he came decision that he would have to search the land for clues of it.

And so he journeys…

Item Wishlist:

Viscous Quarterstaff +3
Bag of Holding

Aulder Graystone

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