Adventuring Party

The Trap Finders are an adventuring party in Living Forgotten Realms Faerûn. Enrollment into the Trap Finders is currently open, subject to the below criteria.


The criteria for joining the Trap Finders are that you must have run afoul of a non-ambush trap. It applies to mechanical traps, spiritual traps, arcane traps, but does not apply to a laid ambush.

Clarification Notes: “Run afoul” can mean you triggered the trap, someone else triggered it and it affected you, you willingly suffered its effects (jumping into the pit trap, for example), you failed to disarm it, etc. If the trap is “always on,” meaning you could have waited three days and still run into it (unlike an ambush), then it counts as a trap.


The current roster for the Trap Finders is:

  • Elisanada
  • Bodin
  • Lyria
  • Panros
  • Erdan
  • Paithen
  • Gunder
  • Nick (Mike’s Drow)
  • Aulder the Invoker

Electee/eligible: Abbadon the minotaur, Twist the Psion

Adventuring Party

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