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The Rotting Ruins of Galain
AKAN 1-1

Amidst goblin raids originating from the ruined town of Galain, you are asked by a young genasi woman to locate her brother. Lost or deceased, it’s up to you to find him! A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Akanûl for characters levels 1-4.

The group played the High Tier of the module. Experience Points: 560. Treasure: 100gp.

Treasure Bundles (Select One): +2 Magic Orb, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Magic Weapon +2, Ritual Scroll with Raise Dead. You can also choose to take a Potion of Healing +25gp or 75gp if you do not want any of the magic items.

Players for this game were: Anthony Morgan (Raziel), Jared (Boden) and Jennifer Korous (Elisandra), Jason Meyer (Alistair), Nicholas Moore (Eni), Stephanie Bryant (Lyria). It was played on April 11, 2010.


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