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DRAG1-5: White Flower Falling

Intrigue and conflict flow through Nathlekh’s underbelly. A subversive organization has taken over the gambling trade in Nathlekh City’s foreign quarter and is using its new-found influence to reshape politics in the region. Extortion, murder and martial arts combine in this exotic city at the end of the Golden Way. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the Dragon Coast for characters of level 7-10.

Played on December 12 by Elisanada, Bodin, Nick, Aulder, and Paithan.

DRAG1-4: Falling Snow, White Petal

Master Fan-Ji has a problem and needs the help of professionals who value the arts of discretion, and diplomacy but can also pack a decent punch when those fail…. and if you can keep a stubborn mule under control that would be handy too! A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Dragon Coast for characters levels 4-7.

Played on November 14, 2010, by Elisanda, Bodin, Gunder, Nick, and Aulder. Rewards included: 960 xp, 150 gp, and one treasure bundle: Summoned +2 armor, Strongheart +2 weapon, Symbol of power +2, and implement +2, Boots of free movement, Coif of mindiron, Ironskin belt, or a potion of healing plus 200 gp, or 250 gp.

Story Awards:
DRAG06 Li-Mubi’s Recommendation
DRAG07 Trust of the Neng and Fan Clans
DRAG08 Enmity of Madfox

ADCP2-2: Race Across the Desert

A great race has been called in the desert of Calimshan. The genasi and humans of Memnon, Calimport and Almraiven are competing to see which one can finish first in a race through the desolate Calim Desert, and they’re looking for adventuring companies to do the racing. Are you and your companions up to the challenge? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Calimshan.

Played on November 6 by Paithen, Lyr, Gunder, Nick, and Aulder.

MYRE 1-2: Small Miracles

Flaming pumpkins, skeletons, undead beasties, and an obsessive gnome (is there any other kind?) — oh my! This excellent custom adventure was written and run by Mike Ma on October 31, 2010. Paithen, Elisanada, Lyr, Gunder, and Bodin participated. Rewards included 960 XP, 150 gp plus one of the following treasures: an item of the character’s level or less from any PHB; 200 and a potion of healing; or 250 gp.

CORM 1-2: Gangs of Wheloon

A prison city, a spy, and 3,000 of the most dangerous criminals in Cormyr: Can you get in and out of Wheloon to rescue one of the Crown’s most valuable agents? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Cormyr for characters levels 4-7.

Played on October 17, 2010 with Elisanda, Gunder, Paithen, and Nick
Rewards included 960 XP, 150 gp, a treasure bundle [(Choose 1 from the |-separated list): Fireburst Armor +2 | Pact Blade +2 weapon | Berserker +2 weapon |Shield of Defiance | Diadem of acuity | Helm of heroes| potion of healing and 200 gp | 250 gp], and CORM03 In the Service of the Crown and CORM04 Favor of the House of Moon.

A highlight of the adventure: Elisanada went below 0 hp, but was of course in no danger of death, thanks to Gunder’s swift healing.

AGLA 1-7 Twilight Ambitions

Aldaron the Loremaster has continued to delve into the mysteries of the ancient Tome of Twilight Boughs. But some of the book’s mysteries seem far from ancient and Aldaron needs the help of adventurers to figure out why. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Aglarond for characters levels 7-10. This adventure concludes the Major Quest involving the Tome of Twilight Boughs (which begins in AGLA1-1 Lost Temple of the Fey Gods and continues in AGLA1-4 Through Twilight Boughs).

Played on Oct 2, 2010. Bodin, Elisanada, Lyr, Paithen, Issyk and Darius participated.

The group played the High Tier of the module. Experience Points: 960. Treasure: 150gp.

Treasure Bundles (Select One): Utility Staff +2, Flute of the Dancing Satyr, +2 Mithrendain Steel Longsword, Eldritch Serpent Armor +2, any Magic Totem of 6th level or less from
Player’s Handbook 2, Shield of the Barrier Sentinels, or ritual scroll of Speak with Nature. You can also choose to take a Brightleaf* (level 8 reagent from Adventurer’s Vault) 125gp or 250gp if you do not want any of the magic items.

SPEC 1-3: Ghosts of the Past: Windsong Tower

Every year, coronal Ilsevele Miritar, ruler of Myth Drannor, hires a group of adventurers to clean up one of the many dangerous ruins within her forest kingdom. This year she has reached out to several groups. What could have forced the eladrin to seek outside help and abandon their cautious ways? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Myth Drannor for character levels 4-7.

Played on September 19, 2010: Bodin, Elisanada, Paithen, Lyr, Gunder, and Raziel played. Gunder and Paithen both initiated into the Trap Finders. Rewards included 1440 XP, 225 gp, and a magical item of considerable power.

Story Award Achieved: SPEC 11 – Demon Hunter of Windsong Tower. You have successfully explored Windsong Tower and defeated numerous demons within it. Ilsevele Miritar, coronal of Myth Drannor, has proclaimed you Demon Hunters of Windsong Tower. This fame is not without cost however. Demons and their sinister allies have now heard of you and may choose to extract revenge in the future.

AKAN1-2: The Depths of Airspur

AKAN1-2 The Depths of Airspur (4-7) (Living Forgotten Realms – D&D 4e) By RPGA. Kidnappers have taken the daughter of a wealthy noble lord. You are entrusted with the task of saving her before it’s too late. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Akanul for characters levels 4-7.

Played on August 29. Scott DMed. PCs: Lyr, Elisanada, Bodin, Issyk (drow rogue), and Gunder (human shaman).

DALE 1-7: Arts

By Oliver Kemmet. Isolation can be a boon—but when strange events leave the members of an airborne boarding school for young nobles in High Dale ill, only aid from outside can offer a solution. Can the PCs solve this discretely and in time? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the Dalelands for characters levels 1-4. A part of the ‘Arts & Crafts’ mayor quest. The other part is DRAG1-7 Crafts. Successfully completing both adventures in any order completes the major quest. This major quest is a prequel to the paragon level ‘Pain and Suffering’ arc, which starts in DRAG2-1 Discomfort.

Played on August 22, with Elisanada, Bodin, Erdan, Raziel, Shaak, and Twist. Rewards included professorship at Arrowpoint Academy or sponsorship in the Stellar Fellowship of Gentle Adventurers, 100 GP, a treasure bundle, 560 XP, and one-half of the Arts and Crafts quest. For characters who completed both Arts and Crafts, an additional 175 XP was awarded. Played at the high tier, with some enemy advancement due to the high-level nature of the party.

MYRE 1-1 House Haunted

By The DM. A My Realms adventure is the DM’s chance to shape the fate of a group of characters. Are you up to the challenge? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the DM’s imagination for characters levels 1-4.

A family home is the site of an interdimensional portal. Can the heroes prevent the portal from opening and granting another victory for nearby Thay? Set in the Yuirwood.

Played on August 15, 2010 with Lyr, Bodin, Elisanada, and Erdan. Rewards included 560 xp, 100 gp, and a treasure bundle.


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