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Trilogy Interludes...continued

After the next extended rest Lyr recalls something from her “history.”

The marks that Elisanada and Gunder bear link them to power.
In times of need they can call upon the power of their Mark.
I’m assuming Lyr will share this knowledge since it appears to be beneficial.

Each Mark is limited to 3 uses and then are gone.
The trigger is mark bearer or a party member/ally becomes bloodied.
The action in response is a free action for the first two, an immediate reaction for the third.
All are range 10 (choose one)

1. Self or ally may recover hit points as if they had spent a healing surge, add +5 to the amount healed.
2. Self or ally may immediately remove any single status effect or ongoing damage.
3. Summon a creature (as an immediate reaction, see table below).

Roll 1d6 Summon
1-3 Giant Toad Per Druid Level 1 Daily.
4-5 Stalking Panther Per Druid Level 5 Daily.
6 Crocodile Per Druid Level 9 Daily.

No one is aware of any side effects (does this sound too good to be true?)
Additional info requires active insight checks on part of Gunder, Elisanada or research.


Is that a religion or heal check, then? Would it be better story-wise to have Gunder discover/remember this knowledge instead?

Trilogy Interludes...continued

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