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Recent news:
Sister Alluesyn of Oghma is currently heading an archeological dig in the far north of Aglarond, across the Sea of Fallen Stars near Undumor.

Both Elisanada and Gundar seem to be none the worse for wear after the events in the sleepy village of Kallosyr. Well except for some bad dreams…

Several messages have been left for the party at most major cities expressing an interest in acquiring Bodin’s crystal as well as the setting it fits in. They all read as follows:
To The Trapfinders:

It has come to our attention through mutual acquaintances that your auspicious group have come across a pair of rather unique objects. Namely a dark crystal and it’s setting. We represent an order dedicated to the study and research of obscure relics. We are affiliated with both Oghma and Amauntor if you are in need of references.

We are willing to provide a remittance for the opportunity to study said objects. If they prove of interest we would also be willing to compensate your handsomely if you should decide to part with them. We have representatives in most major cities. Simply inquire at any of the main temples listed above or any major Arcane Guild.


Members of the Society.



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