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Trilogy of Terror, Part 1

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Nik, Paithan, and Aulder had taken Bodin’s crystal gem for arcane research, with plans for everyone to meet up at the temple of Amauntor shortly. The rest of party met a pack of evil hounds on the road, which animated the corpse of a fellow traveler (who also, sadly, had to be slain… again). They found a curious letter with Lyr’s family seal on it, addressed to the temple of Oghma. Entering town around midnight, they retired to the local inn.

In the middle of the night, the party awoke from terrible nightmares about scary little girls looking for a “dolly” and bathtubs of blood to screaming and an eerie mist filtering through the front door, and a note on a knife stabbed into each of their doors. The priest of Oghma burst in, calling for help at the orphanage, and the party took a round to prepare themselves, then charged forward. After fighting the tentacled thing and the undead swarms, they raced over the rooftops towards the temple. The Temple of Amauntor was, unfortunately, destroyed by throngs of undead.

In the temple, they learned about the ancient relics the temple had found in the basement (the letter was from a “Sister Allusyn” and pertained to the same), and which they were activating to “protect” the temple. The party checked the orphanage first, finding it empty, all the dolls destroyed except one, which Lyr put in her bag of holding.

Then they headed to the basement, where the relic had been found. There, they found a room where the walls reached out to their minds, driving both Gunder and Elisanada into a momentary lapse of reason— both snapped out of it, but bear a blood-red, writhing rune on their torsos, some arcane sigil that Lyr is unable to decipher or heal. Worse, her friends now regard her with deep suspicion, Elisanada claiming that the tormentor in her visions “had your eyes.” Gunder has begun to insist that Lyr has “changed,” though of course this is ridiculous… just because she used to be a cultist…. oh, dear.

Further on, they came upon a ritual of blood and madness, a legion of creepy little girls, the orphans themselves shivering in a cage…. They fought valiantly against these unseely beasts, finally slaying each foe and sending away the creepy children by giving them the “dolly.”

Gunder, Elisanada, Bodin, and Lyr participated. The party received 1600 in XP, 200 gp and either a magic item of the character’s level or lower, or an additional 500 gp (per LFR module treasures).


Child’s Play

Lyr woke, alone, to the sound of a child crying. Momentarily disoriented, she reached across the bed, furrowing her brow at the empty space beside her. Where was Bodin? Had they fought?

She’d been traveling with Gunder for a few months, trying to track down her mum and following up on some information they’d found over the course of their many adventures. They’d met up for a short bit before… Lyr shuddered, remembering again the fight, Elisanada’s death… her return.

The party had reunited only briefly, though, with Aulder, Paithan, and Nick taking the stone Bodin had carried from the amethyst house off for arcane research. They were supposed to meet up with them in the next town.

Gunder had been an easy traveling companion over those months. He was quiet, which she appreciated. And he didn’t seem to mind her “thinking out loud,” which she also appreciated. Especially since, with the dreams…. Lyr pushed that out of her mind. Best not to think about those. The nightmares she’d been having were persistent, troubling, and had kept her from enjoying a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

The crying pierced her ears again, then dropped in volume. Lyr rolled out of her bed, her bare feet hitting the floor with a decided smack. She stumbled out of her room onto the balcony overlooking the common room at the inn.

Below, a thick green mist swirled among the inn patrons, putting them all into a stunned daze. Lyr looked up and down the balcony— to her right, Elisanada and Gunder. To her left, Bodin. Each had stumbled from one of the rooms. Lyr noted that her friends seemed uncharacteristically groggy, and she herself… her limbs felt leaden.

No no no nonono, her mind screamed as she realized that she was paralyzed. If she could move, do something, act, she could maybe prevent this, but—

Down below, a quartet of overgrown children were moving among the bar patrons, their little-girl voices murmuring something, over and over. Lyr’s ears strained, and she caught the sound of “Dolly…. dolly…. want my… dolly….” Lyr glanced again at her companions, but everyone else looked as bewildered as she was.

Moments later, the children moved up the stairs, their feet eerily making no sound on the boards, just their voices creaking for “my dolly.” Their hair, bound in ribbons, was wild and tangled, and they had long, unnatural claws at the ends of their stubby child-like fingers. Lyr recoiled inwardly, but still couldn’t move.

She couldn’t move, or even shout a warning to Bodin, who just stood there, dumbstruck while one of them approached him, spitting a finger out that bounced off his broad chest and onto the floor. She reached her claw-like hands out, her fingers sinking impossibly into his flesh as if it were no more solid than oatmeal. The “child” began pulling intestines and gore from him, and Lyr heard a whimpering sound, realized it was her own voice.

Three others approached her, Elisanada, and Gunder, their fingers sinking in almost playfully, their voices ringing in her ears: “my dolly…. want my dolly….”

When she opened her eyes again, it was to the feeling of something wet hitting her on the forehead. Looking up, Lyr saw nothing but a shiny red surface above her. Again, she rolled out of bed, this time just moments before a bathtub crashed down on her from the ceiling, spilling gallons of blood onto her bed and all over the floor. Lyr pulled open her door to let the blood spill out into the hallway and so she could escape the shapeless mass she’d spotted buried under all that blood.

But the shapeless mass did not move, and eventually, she edged forward to look more closely. Was this some kind of message? A warning? One hand was missing a finger— it looked bitten off— and the face….

Lyr stepped back bringing a hand up to her mouth. The face was her own.

And then she woke to the sound of a dwarven snore, which suddenly stopped as Bodin woke abruptly, too. She sucked in a deep breath, shuddering as she let it out. Just a nightmare. Two of them. Unusual, but not so strange, lately.

Bodin’s arm tightened around her suddenly, though he didn’t speak. Lyr shifted in his arms, laying on her back in the darkened room. No copper smell of blood— just pipesmoke and oil.

A scream pierced the quiet, and Lyr rolled out of bed for what seemed like the third time that night. She bolted from the room and stopped on the balcony again. Below, the common room was filling with a white, eery mist, and the door had been thrown open. In the threshold, a priest of Oghma stood, his hair in disarray, yelling to them for help. “For the gods’ sake— the children! The orphanage— they’re everywhere!” Seconds later, enormous tentacles wrapped around his body, yanking him, screaming, from the inn. Gunder’s rat, Squeaky, scampered to the door, pushing it shut immediately and buying them just enough time to armor up and prepare for the battle.

Early in the fight, Lyr found herself paralyzed, reminded of the nightmare and entering a state of shock, watching the battle rather than participating. When it was over, the four of them ran for the rooftops, making it quickly over the confused and terrified village, now overrun by undead, and into the temple of Oghma. There, they learned of the recently uncovered relics in the basement. Lyr insisted on checking the orphanage first, and the party was unsurprised to find the orphanage’s guardian gone, and the children missing as well. Only one doll in the place was unbroken, and Lyr took it, tucking it into her bag of holding.

“Leverage,” she said quietly as they moved back into the hall.

They continued to the underbasement, where the relics had recently been excavated. Naturally, they arrived just in time to interrupt the unholy ritual in progress, the sacrifice by some aberrant being of the priests of Oghma. A stunned moment after their arrival in the antechamber, Elisanada and Gunder both blinked rapidly and shifted uneasily away from Lyr.

But what struck Lyr was the cage of small, frightened children in the corner of the room. And the six little girls, their creepy, crazed eyes roving madly while they moaned for their “dolly.”

Creatures crept out of a swirling mirror, drawn to the carnage, and Lyr dismissed one of the enemies until the party was better able to deal with it. They fought fiercely and with abandon, though Lyr had to check herself after noticing that the living children took damage every time one of the dolly-seekers was hit. As two of the dolly girls came into the antechamber, Lyr yanked the doll out of her bag and held it up.

Suddenly, six blonde, be-ribboned heads turned towards her, all attention focused on the doll. “Dolly!” they cried, shuffling towards her. “Give us the dolly!”

“Or I could—” Lyr held the doll’s body with one hand and the head with her other, making twisting motions.

“Nooo!” they cried, and the sound was so pathetic. Lyr looked around at the six doll-creepers. Four of them had blood up to their elbows from where they’d been… doing things to the Oghma priest on the altar. Two were flanking Gunder, but had broken their attention to face Lyr.

And yet…. any injury to one was shared by two of the real children. The living children. The orphans.

Lyr shot a glance out towards the cage, where four of the children now lay, slumped and unconscious in the corner, and swallowed around a lump in her throat. She looked over at Elisanada, remembering the day her friend had died.

A little willingness to negotiate, and we’d have escaped that mess, she reminded herself. She looked down at the dolly, a little rag-stuffed thing with stitched-on button eyes.

Looking back at the doll-creepers, she held the dolly up again and whistled, though she had no need to capture their attention. “Fetch!” she yelled and tossed the dolly into the center of the aberrations’ magic circle.

“Dolly!” they all cried and all six moved immediately towards the little doll, piling onto it and dissolving until not even their hair ribbons remained.


Leave it to a lass to leave out the best parts. Oft to bed wit ya and another pint while I fill the holes you left behind.

It’s true that we have had restless nights of sorts lately but nutin unusual ’bout that. Not fer us anyway and not fer a lack of trying. The day she spoke of was particularly rough as we awoke already inside the nightmare. People screaming that tore us from our needed slumber and left us standing in the hallway. I must admit I was awoken to the lovely arse of Lyr naked in the hall though, whether it be a dream or not. Anyway cough cough

We found a group of wee lasses down at the bar but in my grog I couldn’t make out what they where saying. Much of the talking belongs to Lyr or Nick anyway, who took the liberty of stealing me crystal by the way. The small lasses had eventually came up the stairs but for some reason we were unable to move which weren’t a problem till they showed their claws. NO matter how I tried I couldn’t move and I guess Lyr wouldn’t have been able to see them slice my gully from where she was standing. But aye, I’m not going to repet the rest.

When we awoke we were still in the dream at least but didn’t know it. Tubs of blood dropping down at us, our own bodies being their source was right unsettling. Once the nightmare had passed and I know it did cuz Lyr still laid next to me, a screaming person got us up and out of the room again. This time I wouldn’t have any of their trickery and as the rest took a gander I was donning me armor. When we all made it out and where prepared Lyr got a twitch in her rear to go charging into a fog that had filled the room. Like a pony being slapped she ran off, WHOOSH, with all her fine elven quickness leaving the rest of us in her tailwind and by Moradins Anvil what a fight she found. None of the creatures where to big for us to handle as we kept them at bay using the doors to confine em all, ‘cept one. A tentacle grabbed Lyr with such speed that it pulled her out door and out of sight before much had time to act. Then before ya know she dropped graceful as ever back down to us but shaken for sure. She couldn’t get her head right for sometime so we made the fight all the quicker but the beast that had taken here was no where to be found.

We made our way to the orphanage true enough with all kinds of undead best roaming the streets below us and found that the chapel and the orphanage was attached and was under attack. Once we made it inside by going in through the roof, Lyr spotted some girls much like the ones from our dreams attacking and dragging a fellow out of sight, right in the middle of the room. Nothing around but they just vanished. Lyr collected up a doll near the gore left behind and speaking about a leverage of sorts. We had searched around and found the children missing so we followed a bloody trail down the stairs. We ran into another group of individuals I needed to use my skills on. Now I have never lifted a hand against a friend, especially the likes of Elisanda and Gunder who have fought beside me countless times but nay was I sure after the way they looked at Lyr. Lyr let it pass as only Lyr can and what we encountered next stoked my furnace mighty removing the others fer the task at hand.

In all the carnage of the ghouls and little evil lasses from our dream were the orphaned children tied in the corner, a whole group of em. Elisanda loosened her arrows at what appeared to be the master but that just brought out it’s true form, a giant blob. Lyr acted quikly as well and sent the creature to a different dimension or “time out” as the lass would say. No longer her being a threat I had jumped into the midst of the fight but noticed Lyr had not done the same. Her eyes where on the orphaned children and once the foul beast were able to use their trickery to pull me out of the door, the children and a large monster clambered into the room with her and the guys. I was helpless to aid them but they had Elisanda with them so I didn’t worry but what I did worry about was keeping the three big undead demon creations attention on meself. Aye they smelled of the wrong end of a donkey but it’s what I had ter do. If this group got away then more harm would come to me friends but sure enough as I got their attention a small doll appeared behind the group and disappeared when the demon kids got around it. One last problem to worry about but the blast magus had returned and set to wanting to kill me but with them came me party and we slew every fowl beat there was. When we got to the kids, the REAL kids, a few had seemed to be passed out but all were,ok.


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