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DRAG 1-6: Night of Fallen Petals

The Night of Fallen Petals is nigh, a festival to celebrate the dead and pay honor to those who have long since passed. But not all secrets stay dead, and the prophecy of a returning God-King may be a means for dark forces to upset the power balance in Nathlek city. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Nathlekh City on the Dragon Coast, for characters levels 7-10. Final part of the White Petal Demise major quest. The first parts of this quest are DRAG1-4 Falling Snow, White Petal and DRAG1-5 White Flower Falling.

Played Part I on Sunday, January 2. Part II was played on Sunday, January 16.

Character XP was “leveled out” after this adventure. All characters now have 18,500 XP. All characters will receive equal XP, whether the players attend the game or not (penalty for missing game day is that you missed game day!)



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